C-Card Scheme

C-Card Scheme

C-Card Scheme

The C-Card scheme is a free and confidential service offering free condom and sexual health information and support to all young people aged 13–25 years

How do I get a C-Card?

To join the C-Card scheme all you have to do is visit one of the C-Card outlets and have a C-Card induction with a trained C-Card worker.

This means they will tell you a bit more about how the scheme works, assess that it is appropriate for you and give you some further sexual health information. Then, if you want to, they will sign you up and give you a C-Card that can be used at outlets in any areas across the UK that offers the C-Card scheme.

The induction will involve a discussion covering:

  • confidentiality
  • the law – under 16s
  • under 18 assessment (if applicable)
  • consent and sexual wellbeing
  • safety on social media
  • safer sex
  • STIs, the different types of STI testing and where to access them
  • contraception and emergency contraception (Plan B)
  • different types of condoms the C-Card scheme offers
  • condom demonstration
  • where else you can go in Newcastle to use a C-Card
  • other sexual health services
  • questions about sexual health and relationships.

All discussions are confidential – the only time information may need to be shared is if there are any concerns about your safety or that of someone else you talk about. If this happens you will be kept informed about what is happening and why.

By joining the C-Card scheme you get help and support from people who are experienced in talking about sexual health and condoms – they won’t be embarrassed so you don’t need to be either!

Where do I get a C-Card from?

C-Card outlets in Newcastle